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        Today, it has become obvious to users that battery performance cannot be taken for granted. The cost of failures makes the cost of monitoring seem insignificant, especially in large data center applications where even a momentary power glitch to the computers can equate to many millions of dollars in losses. No matter if the battery system is Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Vented Lead Acid (VLA), or Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad), it is by far the most vulnerable and most failure-prone part of your backup power

        BM3000 is our 3rd Generation product, which is modular level battery monitoring system for real-time data gathering, viewing and analyzing. BM3000 will accurate and automatic measuring individual block voltage, current, internal resistance and temperature, as well as monitoring battery string current , voltage and ambient temperature. This will provide documentary evidence on the life of each battery. Moreover, it can effective reduce the critical power failure incident and save maintenance cost.

        Fully individual battery Volt, Ampere, Ohm and Celsius monitoring
        7*24 hours battery monitoring
        Multiple level alarm
        Reduce danger from electric shock
        Simple to install and commissioning
        Internal Resistance monitoring interval can be set by user
        Graphs to show batteries trending analysis
        BM3000 is a battery monitoring system that consist of couple units of battery sensor ( R-Sensor ) , current detector ( I-Sensor ) , one set control module ( CM ) and PC management software.
        R-Sensor monitors individual battery internal resistance, voltage and battery temperature.
        I-Sensor monitors battery string current, voltage and ambient temperature
        CM collects and processing the measurement data from sensors, and transfer them to a PC
        BM3000 software for PC is used for battery remote monitoring and management
        Increased system reliability
        Reduce power outages, detecting battery problems at an early stage before they can cause an abrupt system failure
        Personnel safety
        A permanently connected battery monitor reduces the need for maintenance personnel to directly contact the high voltages present in most battery systems.
        Extending your batteries life
        In accordance with IEEE standards, The time required to maintain the batteries in a typical small UPS battery cabinet is at least 25 hours a year, These hours can be saved by Battery Monitoring System
        Reduce maintenance hours
        Battery monitoring can prevent premature aging of the batteries.
        Reduce test cost
        Every new battery system must be acceptance tested with a capacity test to prove that it will be able to perform when needed

        Relat Technology is a leading company which manufactures and design battery monitoring system with patented technologies, authorized software, professional service and competitive price.

        Relat Technology was established by a team of engineer with 20 years experiences with advanced EDA design technology, robust reliability design technology & white box testing technology in Aug, 2008, registered capital 10,000,000 RMB.

        BM3000 is the 3rd generation battery monitoring system which released in 2012.

        Relat Technology was issued ISO9001:2008 certificated in Apr.2015.

        Our parent company including Relat Technology was listed on New Three Board (stock code 832515) in Aug,2015.

        BM3000 passed CE & RoHS approvals. In particular it will meet the following specifications or international equivalents.

        }  EN61326-1:2006 for EMC test

        }  EN60-4-2:2009 for electrostatic discharge immunity test 

        }  EN61000-4-3:2008 for Radiofrequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity test

        }  EN61000-4-5 for Surge Immunity test

        }  EN55022 for Conduction interference immunity test

        }  EN55024 for Radiation emission interference immunity test

        Relat Technology have deployed BM3000 systems in over 500 installations over the last 10 years for various sector like banking & financial, data center, telecom base station, power plant, railway and government.

        Shenzhen Relat Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

        Address: Suite A602, Huachuangda Centre, Xinghua 1st Rd,

        Bao'an district, Shenzhen, China, 518101

        Tel:+86 0755-29563743-805       

        Fax:  +86 0755-29769341-814               

        Factory address: No. 2-1, Jia Yi Industrial Park, Daping Community, 

        Guanlan Street, Longhua new district, Shenzhen

        Authorized Distributor: South Africa, UAE, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia,

        Thailand, ASEAN, Hongkong, Hungary and Norway

        Business Dept.
        Contact: Mrs. Chelsea Che
        Phone: +86 18680390897
        Email: chelsea@relatele.com
        Skype: chelsea.cheo
        Technical Support
        Tel:+86 0755-29563743-812
        Fax:+86 0755-29769341-814
        After-sales Service 
        Tel:+86 0755-29563743-806

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